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94%of GetOne® users
reported an increase
in comfort and
87%of users suffering
sitting-related pain
reported symptom
user survey
I LOVE the chair.
It is the best investment I’ve made this year
Dr Rehana B
These chairs are amazing and I can
definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from back or shoulder pains! What a pleasure to now actually enjoy working behind a desk and computer
Margaret M
Within a day I was already feeling
much better... I no longer experience any lower back pain… I would strongly recommend this chair to anyone
Charmaine G View more testimonials
Everyone’s backs and moods are
better, and I don't get the terrible headaches I used to get
Dr Micky O
I was told that I need a very dangerous neck operation in March 2012.
My specialist said because he has to work so close to the neck nerves he would rather put it on hold for a while until the pain become absolutely unbearable. In April I bought a Get One chair and when I moved from company I insisted on getting a GetOne chair. Now in May 2013 I can happily say that my problem has improved with 80% and no neck operation is needed. Well done with an excellent product
Prof de Jager

We've made the GQ essentials list!

We are proud to be featured in the Jan/Feb issue of GQ as one of the 10 things that you deserve for 2013!

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Get Ergonomic with our advice and info!

As physiotherapists who have specialised in Ergonomics we have extensive knowledge and experience in getting people comfortable! View our ergonomic set up and video guides to get your workstation right!

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View pictures of very comfortable people in our gallery

Browse our Gallery and see how comfortable you can be at your workstation! A great way of viewing the different colour variations and options. Get creative too and customise your chair in a colour that suites you! 

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Endorsements that count

The GetOne® is endorsed by the 3 big players in the SA ergonomic sphere. We're proud to be the first product ever endorsed by the Physio Society of South Africa.

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A host of colours in an acrylic fabric that exceeds SABS contract specification; hard wearing and hard working. In keeping with our commitment to the environment, we have developed our own recycled yarn which all the GetOne chairs are available in.

ERGOleaf fabric is available in 8 exciting colours: Grass, Orange, Plum, Grape, Rose, Ice, Midnight and Berry
Premium quality Italian leather Premium quality PU face with genuine leather backing
  • Plain
  • Ergoleaf
  • Leather
  • Leatherette

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Select a colour or drag a panel onto the chair seat, inner-back or outer-back
White leatherette

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Select a colour or drag a panel onto the chair to view

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Select a colour or drag a panel onto the chair to view

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Drag a Leather colour onto the chair to select another
White leatherette

Midback vs HighbackClose

The features and lumbar support are identical in both Midback and Highback Get One chairs. It is important to note that the crucial area to feel support is in your lower back - even if you are suffering from upper back or neck & shoulder discomfort. A well supported lower back, combined with correct positioning of the workstation, will keep your head and cervical spine in the correct alignment and pain-free. The Midback generally finishes at shoulder height, the Highback midway up the head. If you like to sometimes lean back when speaking on the phone or reading, then the Highback will be enjoyed. If you prefer not to have anything behind the head, then the Midback is for you.

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  • Standard
  • Chrome +AU$40

Castor OptionsClose

  • PlainCarpeted Flooring
  • Rubber +AU$24Wood / Hard Flooring

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