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Chair setup and operation

Easy tips on how to adjust and operate your GetOne® ergonomic office chair for optimal office ergonomics.

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Workstation setup

The correct workstation set up is vital for ensuring optimal office ergonomics. View this video to set yourself up comfortably in the workplace.

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Ergonomic Setup

  • 1 Seated as far back in the chair as possible to feel the benefit of the lumbar support
  • 2 Feet rested flat on the floor - In order to be at the correct height in relation to the work surface, a footrest is recommended for shorter users.
  • 3 Hips slightly higher than knees
  • 4Armrests - Keep elbows close to your body, and shoulders relaxed down.
  • 5Monitor - Top most line of monitor display at approximately eye level.
  • 6Viewing distance - As far as possible while still seeing the screen clearly. Approximately arms length
  • 7Keyboard - Keep the keyboard in close proximity; keep your shoulders relaxed, elbows at 90 degrees and your wrists in line with your forearm; keep the mouse in close proximity and alongside the keyboard

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